Showcase gold ‘Swag’ sandals

Showcase gold 'Swag' sandals

Showcase gold ‘Swag’ sandals

I actually went to the Dorothy Perkins website last week with the intention of showing you a completely different pair of shoes: a sensible, wear-to-work, kind of pair of shoes. As soon as I laid eyes on these beauties, however, all thought of “sensible” shoes went out the window – because who wants “sensible” when you could have these instead?

(Answer: lots of people, I know – I mean, you do have to be practical sometimes, don’t you?)

So, these definitely don’t fall into the “wear-to-work” category I was looking at: they’re very much evening/special occasion shoes. At just £35, though, they’re a pretty good price for that: I tend to want to spend less on evening shoes than I would on the kind of styles I know I’ll wear every day, purely because I know I’ll be unlikely to get my money’s worth from them. In this case, though, I don’t think I’d resent an investment of £35, and even if I were to wear them just 3 or 4 times, it would be worth it.

These have a 4.5″ stiletto heel, and no platform, which means they probably won’t be the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. (With that said, I’m always a bit taken back when people look at very high heels like these and expect them to somehow be as comfortable as sneakers – they’re not really designed for comfort, although that obviously doesn’t mean that they’re always going to be painful, either… which is the other extreme a lot of people go to). They do, however, have that gorgeous t-bar strap, with a double buckle at the ankle, to keep them in place, so at least you won’t be stepping out of them, either.

These are by Showcase, and are available at Dorothy Perkins: what do you think of them?

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