Shoeperwoman’s Shoes # 71: Carvela Astroid Platforms in green suede

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I mentioned Carvela’s ‘Astroid’ pumps – a.k.a. one of my biggest shoe regrets?

Well, that post reawakened my interest in the Astroids. I remembered all over again how beautiful they were, how much I’d wanted  them, and how I’d berated myself for failing to buy them when I had the chance. So I decided it was time to take up the search once more. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have much hope: it’s been a couple of years now since these shoes were in stock, so I figured anyone who still had a pair would’ve worn them into the ground by now.


Last week, I was searching eBay, and I found them. My size. Brand new in box. Perfect. Beautiful. Low starting price, no bidders. I thought it was too good to be true, and as it turned out, I was right to think that, because it WAS too good to be true: just one day after I added those shoes to my watchlist, someone else found them and started bidding. And bidding. And bidding. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, the golden rule of eBay is this: bid late, bid your maximum. If everyone does that, it keeps the price as low as possible. Sadly for me, though, the people bidding on the Astroids obviously weren’t familiar with this rule, and the result of their frantic bidding was this:

I turned to the dark side.

Yes, the temptation was too much for me. I let myself be led astray by these shoes, and even although I kept to my rule, and bid at the last minute, I’d have to admit that they weren’t exactly a bargain. I did, however, pay much less than retail, and they are in absolutely perfect, never worn condition, so I’m still more than happy with them. At last, I’ve managed to acquire one of The Ones That Got Away! Now I just need to find the Miss Selfridge ‘Polly’ platforms in red, and my shoe collection will be complete. Well, until the next Must Have shoe comes along, anyway.

I know exactly how and when I’m going to “save” these shoes for the Shoe Challenge, too. Stay tuned…

(And until then, here’s Terry’s video of them. Thanks, Terry!)


  • I seriously hate people that do that on eBay. what do they think they’re going to achieve by upping the bid like £20 when there are still 5 days to go?! (Can you tell this has happened to me?) I just don’t understand why anyone would ever bid when there are days to go.
    Anyway…gorgeous shoes.

    • Tell me about it: I can’t even tell you how long I ranted about it to Terry. I mean, WHY? What possible good does it do? And it wasn’t even an eBay newbie, either, she (or I assume it was a she, anyway) had over 100 feedback, so no excuse. This is exactly why I should try to avoid eBay, though: I start to take it all personally when someone bids against me and then I’m all, “RIGHT! YOU SHALL NOT WIN THESE SHOES FROM MEEEEE!”

      • I can imagine how long you ranted to Terry, I’ve done the same to Ian. Poor men! She definitely has no excuse! Just making whoever wins pay more – it’s just plain mean. I have the same reaction though, it becomes like a personal vendetta, you just have to win them!

        • Could it not have been a friend of the seller bidding to up the price?? I know you’re not meant to do that but I know of people who have!

          I have now joined the ranks of eBay watchers…but judging from this post I may have a couple of years to go yet!!
          Now if anyone ever sees some red glitter low heels from schuh in a 7 then let me know!! LOL!

      • That’s my biggest issue with eBay too. It plays into my two worst traits- my badness with money and my competitiveness. I tell myself I won’t go over a certain price but then with two minutes left someone outbids me and I. Must. Get. Those. Shoes.

        Great shoes by the way. They actually remind me of Paris Hilton’s olive colored Sarina pump which I’ve been lusting after. I hate her but damn she hired some talented designers.

        I also love them in magenta. And blue. And basic black.

  • hahaha you are spot on with this, it annoys the hell out of me too.
    But… the shoes were definitely worth turning to the dark side, they are sooo close to YSL trib two’s, combined with the green suede and studs = perfection in a shoe!

  • I love ebay, but I hate the other people that are also bidding on MY precious dress or shoes! Like when I see a beautiful dress for £5 or something, I add it to my watch list, but after only 2 days the price had gone up to £50. I mean, for a Primark dress???

  • Well, I never bothered myself with “other bids” because I avoid eBay – my personal reason… maybe one day I look for something there, who knows… but with or without eBay, well done, I simply loved these shoes and I regret a lot that I didn’t buy some green ones I saw on sale at Office in Worcester… You did it well!

  • Oh my! They are rather amazing aren’t they? How high are they – they look skyscraperish?

    And, yes, those eBay bidders need a good slap in the face with a wet kipper. Fools! May all their tights get laddered!

  • What a great bargain! You’re so Lucky having found them on ebay!
    Superb shape and color! I simply love green shoes!


  • Congratulations on getting the shoes, even though you had to “fight” so hard for them! They are really beautiful and if they were cheaper than retail it’s not too bad. I love buying on ebay too and have found some of my favourite shoes there, but it’s also really stressful. All the stalking your wanted item and praying no one else will discover it!

  • I hate when people drive the price way up in the first day or two of an auction, don’t they realise how much money they could save just by waiting!
    The Miss Selfridge Polly shoes are beautiful, I wish they came in every colour…

  • Love the shoes and the video made me laugh!

    Did you see that the red Schuh Frenchies are in the sale for £39.95? I am soooo tempted, should I??

  • OOOOOH GREEN! Gorgeous shoes! I have never bought shoes on Ebay, though I have sen some Louboutins that have made me do a double take. I get so scared that theyre not real sometimes though. Have you ever purchased desgner shoes through ebay?

  • Well now I’ve seen your green galaxy Jigsaw frock, I’m gonna be looking for that! But I imagine looking at your post that it was in the shops a few years back now.

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