ShoeperWoman Shops… The Dorothy Perkins sale

Dorothy Perkins are currently offering 25% off dresses and skirts, for two days only. I’m not buying, sadly, as the Zara sale has already eaten up my budget, but it would be rude not to take a look, wouldn’t it? Here are some of my top sale picks…

nautical skater dress

Alice & You nautical skater dress, £32

It’s too short for me personally, but this is an adorable little skater dress for those who can pull it off: love the full skirt and classic blue-and-white stripes!

black scuba pencil dress

Black scuba pencil dress, £29

I mostly included this one because it looks so good with those bright red shoes, don’t you think? Note to self: try a black dress/red shoes combo soon!

black gingham midi skirt

Black gingham pencil skirt, £20

I have a skirt from Primark which is identical to this one, but so do so many other bloggers I suspect it may have sold out. If it has, or if you don’t happen to have a Primark close enough, this is a pretty decent alternative, for not TOO much more money.

apple pleat midi skirt

Luxe apple pleat midi skirt, £32

There are quite a few pleated midis around right now, and while they can be a little hard to style without looking matronly (I recommend high, strappy sandals, and a fitted top), they’re perfect for warm weather, with a feminine, floaty feel to them that I find irresistible. This one is pale green, which I ALSO find pretty irresistible, in case you hadn’t guessed. If you DON’T, however, this skirt also comes in a selection of other colours, including lemon, lilac, pink and blue, so you should be able to find one you like.

Don’t forget to subtract 25% from the prices quoted here (the discount is automatically applied at checkout), and make your purchase within the next 48 hours, after which the prices go back up again!

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