Shoeper Style Challenge: Style My Shoes!

Earlier this week I asked you to help choose my next pair of shoes from Sarenza, and here’s your chosen winner!

yellow suede slingback shoes

Carvela’s yellow suede ‘Gypsy’ slingbacks are currently en route to Shoeper Towers, and I can’t wait for them to arrive! I already have quite a few outfit ideas for these – in fact, I’m starting to wonder how on earth I ever managed without them! – but I thought it might be fun to see how YOU’D all wear them, too: well, you were the ones who picked them, it’s only right that you get to style them, too!

For this Shoeper Style Challenge, then, as with last week’s challenge, I’m asking you to create an outfit to wear with these shoes, and post the image in the comments section of this post. (If you want to use Polyvore for this, you’ll find the shoes here.)

Ready? Go!


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