Shoe Villains: Thigh-high boot/sandal hybrid from Miss Selfridge


There’s just so much wrong with these boots that I barely even know where to start. Let’s just start with the obvious, then: they’re boots pretending to be shoes. Like The Fashion Police, I deplore this state of affairs, because it just seems so utterly pointless to me. If I want to wear boots, I’ll wear boots. If I want to wear shoes, on the other hand, I’ll wear shoes. And if I want to wear strappy sandals with thigh-high “socks” underneath them -socks that have, by the way, had their toes cut off to make them “peep toes”… well, I’ll hand myself over to the aforementioned Fashion Police, and I’ll do so willingly.

The problem here, of course (well, ONE of the problems here) is that, not only are these boots pretending to be shoes/socks, they’re pretending to be a particular combination that I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone wanting to wear. Can you? If you can, these are £170 at Miss Selfridge.


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