Shoe Deja Vu: Martin Margiela’s sandal ankle boots


When Martin Margiela’s sandal ankle boots first came to my attention last year, I just wasn’t that impressed. These are in clear contravention of the Fashion Police Law on boots-that-are-pretending-to-be-shoes, after all, and, having pledged to do my bit to uphold The Fashion Police law, I had to agree that they were just a bit odd. An impractical, in the same way that peep toe boots are impractical.

Then I started to see them on the feet of the stars, and they actually started to grow on me. Not enough to spend hundreds of pounds on them, of course, but enough for me to have noticed every time another high-street version of them has come out. Which has been a lot, let me tell you. In fact, I suspect these may be one of the most-copied designer shoes of the past couple of seasons, so I’ve used my x-ray vision to seek out just a few of those designer “inspired” versions. You’ll find them all under the jump…


Ash ‘Opium’ ankle zip sandals, £135, Office


Leather heeled cuff sandals, £64, ASOS


‘Bert’ sandals, $169.95, Steve Madden


Ash ‘Soho’ one band mid-heel booties, $212, Shopbop


  • Uh, if it’s warm enough to be wearing sandals, wouldn’t your ankles get all hot and sweaty?
    Oh well, I guess fashion doesn’t always have to make sense. And I do kinda like the ASOS ones.

  • I have horrible, shameful scars on my fat ankles due to childhood disabilities so these shoes are perfect for me, when I don’t want to wear boots but I don’t want people making fun of my feet either. I would rather them make fun of my shoes! But honestly I do like this trend, but I think they would be more flattering if they were of nude-coloured materials and not black.

    • I think you’re right about the colour – the original Margiela’s were available in a nude leather, which I think was much nicer. And good point about the ankles – it never even ocurred to me that these would be perfect for anyone who wants to hide their ankles for any reason!

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