See by Chloe red nautical denim rope wedges

Last summer, I bought a pair of red canvas wedges from Matalan – in fact, I wrote about them here. They cost me £12, and it was one of the best £12’s I spent last year, because those shoes were hardly off my feet all summer. I wore them so much that by the time I dragged them out for my holiday to the Canary Islands in December, they were already starting to look the worse for wear. I took them with me anyway, and, once again, they rarely left my feet, which means that THIS summer I find myself badly in need of a replacement.

These Chloe wedges aren’t going to be that replacement. Because if I had £166 to spend on canvas wedges, I’d probably be reclining on a chaise somewhere right now and having my servant dictate this post. I do like them, though (although not as much as my Matalan versions, it must be said. Go figure.), and if, like me, you’re a fan of the nautical look, you’d probably find that these would get a lot of wear, once the warmer weather comes along.

I, meanwhile, am just REALLY hoping Matalan do another version of their wedges this year…


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