Sarah Jessica Parker in Nicholas Kirkwood booties at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

Sarah Jessica Parker can always be relied on to bring some seriously attention-grabbing shoes to the party, can’t she? In this case, the “party” was the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and the shoes were these blue leather n’ lace Nicholas Kirkwood platforms, which SJP paired with a black dress, allowing everyone’s attention to go straight to her feet:

These have a real “Madonna in the 80s” vibe to them, don’t you think?

I love the colour and I love Kirkwood in general (as, I assume does SJP – she’s been spotted in his designs fairly regularly), but I’m not so sure about the lace. What do you think?


  • They remind me of a really 90s lace blue dress I used to have.
    I’m sorry but I just feel that if lace isn’t cream, white, black or very pale pink it has the tendency to look rather tacky.

    I’d covet those shoes in any of the above shades I mentioned. But blue lace is just way too 90s in my mind!

  • Love the shoes, even if they probably would look better in a creamy shade. Hate the dress though, especially the top half (the tuxedo jacket, is it a jacket?)

  • she has the same shoes in shaded black and midnight blue with a black trim and wore them very often thru the promotional tour of sex and the city2 ….they are gorgeous…definitely not for a ‘shoe shy customer’

  • She has worn these shoes in many different colors now. One pair was dark blue with hot pink lining, I liked that pair. This pair is not as nice, plus I don’t think they go with the dress (which I hate).

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