Celebrity Shoes: Rihanna in Alexander McQueen’s dogtooth ankle boots

Rihanna in Alexander McQueen ankle boots

These Alexander McQueen shoe boots fall firmly into that hated category of “Boots Pretending to be Shoes”, but, oddly enough, I don’t dislike them nearly as much as I dislike most other footwear of this genre. Perhaps the curvy shape is helping them out, but while I wouldn’t pay $1,045 for them (or, indeed, any other price), I wouldn’t hurl them into space, either.

Rihanna wore them earlier this week, arriving at the Late Night With David Letterman Show. This is actually a pretty tame outfit for Rihanna, but what do you think of it? And, more importantly, what do you think of the shoes? If you like them, they’re available direct from the Alexander McQueen website.



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