Beautiful red bow shoes on a budget

Miss Selfridge red bow shoes

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A pretty red bow is an easy route to this ShoeperWoman’s heart, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a shoe, either. This  one is, however: the shoe in question is Miss Selfridge’s ‘Geri’ red bow court, and it’s just £39 full price.

This is a pretty standard court shoe, with the addition of a chunky ankle strap, complete with the aforementioned bow. If you don’t want to wear the strap, however, it looks to me like it’s probably detachable, although as that would leave you with a slightly strange looking look at the heel, you might prefer to just live with it.


I’m a big fan of grey and red right now, so I’d probably try something like this:
what to wear with red bow shoes

skirt / sweater / bag

Of course, while I’m a big fan of tulle skirts in general, I know they’re not for everyone, so you could easily sub this one out for a knit pencil skirt, or even a pair of cropped jeans/trousers – they’d need to be cropped, though, to allow room for that bow.

Speaking of the bow, I don’t really think there’s much point trying to downplay the “girliness” of this one, and if you do object to over-sized bows, I’m guessing you’d probably just avoid these in the first place, wouldn’t you? Because, you know, what’s the point of buying shoes you don’t actually like? Exactly. You’re all much too clever for that, so in order to fully celebrate these shoes in the way they deserve, here’s a little “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ kinda look:

red dress, red shoes

dress /  bag 

This is Collectif’s ‘Cordelia’ dress, which is pure, retro-inspired perfection, but which is just classic enough to not make you feel like you’re in costume when you wear it. Oh, and it’s also available as a top…

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