Ravel wine patent high heel pointed toe court shoes

wine high heeled shoes

Ravel wine patent high heel pointed toe court shoes, £50

These shoes are a bit of a trend explosion, being a combination of a few things that are currently top of the “Fall trends” list for 2012.

(OK, “explosion” is an exaggeration. There’s really nothing about these that could be described as an “explosion”, is there?)

There’s the wine upper, for starters. Wine has always been one of my least-favourite shades of red, but it’s been named the “it” colour of the season, and who am I to argue with that?

There’s the … what do you even call that sticky-up tongue, anyway? I’m sure “sticky-up tongue” isn’t the technical term, but let’s just pretend it is for a minute. This is another trend I’ve been seeing a whole lot of lately, and it’s another trend I like on a shoe, but not on a foot, if you get what I mean. Specifically, not on MY foot: I just can’t seem to make this style of shoe work, for some reason.

(That’s two of the three trends I was going to discuss here had the thumbs-down from me. I think I may have just worked out why I’ve been feeling uninspired by current footwear trends lately…)

Finally, there’s the pointed toe. It’s everywhere right now. And I’m glad it’s on these particular shoes, because they just wouldn’t have worked at all with a rounder version: the whole effect relies on that long, angular kind of shape.

As for the shoes themselves, despite everything I’ve said above, I really like them. To look at, that is. I’ll leave the actual wearing of them to someone who’d do a better job of it, I think…

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  • I can see that these are pretty, but they’re really not “me”. I do love the wine coloured patent though!

  • I can see how these COULD be appealing to someone, but I’m just not feeling them. Like you, I’m not a fan of wine (at least as a color). My feeling is that if I’m gonna go red, I don’t want to do it halfway with a shade that is practically brown. Also, while I’ve come back around to pointed toe shoes, for some reason these points look really dated. Probably because if you took out the sticky-up thing, they’d be the same pair of heels that have been sitting in my mother’s closet since at least the early nineties.

    BTW:: I keep calling shoes with the sticky-up thing “loafers” even though that term probably only refers to flats. I’ve actually been digging this trend. I bought a pair of gold glittery loafer flats that work really well with jeans and a simple top. They’re actually a lot more wearable then I originally thought they’d be.

    I also just bought a pair of loafer heels in black velvet. They are great (the word I want to use is sumptuous) but I haven’t been able to figure out an outfit that works with them.

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