Prada high leg multi-strap pumps

Enough straps for ya?

Well, they’re definitely attention-getting, aren’t they?

These are from Prada’s Spring/Summer collection, and they’re just a tad too strappy for me: I also shudder to think of the interesting tan lines you could end up in if you wore them out in the sun for too long! What I’m trying to say here is that they definitely won’t be for everyone – and that’s possibly a good thing, because it’s not everybody who could afford them, at $720.

The high leg on these means you’re definitely going to want to whip out the tape measure and measure your calf circumference before buying these, too: they measure 6″, and the right fit here will be essential: too tight and they’ll dig into your legs, too loose and they’ll look saggy, neither of which will be a great look.

Want to give them a go? Head over to Saks!


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