Pierre Hardy for Gap bow wedges now on sale

I was a little underwhelmed by these shoes when they were first released, but they’re one of those styles that’s completely transformed as soon as you wear it, and having seen photos of lots of different people wearing these now, my opinion has done a complete 360, and now I love them: which is why I was so pleased to see that they’re currently on sale for $79.99 from the original $110, and less pleased to see that they’re no longer available in my size. Boo!

If you happen to wear one of the sizes that are still available, these wedges are the perfect combination of simple and extravagant, with the nude uppers having a leg-elongating effect (assuming they’re the same kind of “nude” as you are, that is) you don’t normally tend to associate with wedges, and the scarf that ties around the ankle adding a quirky, “look-at-me” touch.

Click here to buy them from Gap, who are AT LAST offering international shipping from their website. And about time, too!


  • I don’t know about that scarf thing, I can see it coming undone and dragging along on the dirty ground… :/
    I don’t mean to be a meany little know it all, but I think you meant “a complete 180” instead of “360”.

  • i too though they looked pretty ugly/boring/nothing special when i saw them first. but when i saw a photo of them actually ON someone’s foot.. i thought they were perfectly lovely and then really really wanted a pair because i know they would go with so much and would really be the PERFECT addition to my shoe closet 🙂

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