Pfeiffer by Minna Parikka: shoes with ears

purple high heel with ears

purple suede court shoe with ears

purple ear shoes


Pfeiffer by Minna Parikka, £260

Well, well, what have we ‘ear? (Sorry: I tried so hard not to say that, but it slipped out anyway. I guess it’s probably a good idea for anyone thinking of buying these shoes to prepare themselves for the multitude of “ear” jokes they’d be destined to ‘ear – I mean hear – though, so…) It’s a pair of shoes with ears! Well, we’ve had lots of shoes with faces to look at over the past few months: I guess we were long overdue a pair with ears!

At least, I THINK these Minna Parikka shoes have ears, anyway. At first glance, and looking at them from the side, I assumed it was just a rather vintage-style pump with a very high tongue, but from the front I definitely see the ears of a small animal of some kind. I’d say more about my feelings on this but… I’m afraid they might hear me.

These come in a choice of three different colours, and in addition to the purple version shown above, there’s also a leopard print and a pink version. I really love this shade of purple, though, and I also like the curvy heel. These are very typical of Minna Parikka’s whimsical shoe style, but what do you think of shoes with ears?

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