Oasis ‘Anella’ gold glitter ballet flats

Oh heels, glitter can look a little bit over the top, if you’re not careful. (Although it can also look fabulous, depending on the shoe.) On a pair of flats, however, it can be a great way to make what can be a rather boring style look a whole lot more interesting, and Oasis have added to that effect on these ‘Anella’ flats by adding a tulle corsage to the toe. The result is a very pretty flat which would be great for special occasions, but could look just a good with a simple pair of jeans.

These are £25: click here to buy them.


  • I always say I don’t wear flats, but I love to look at them! And these ones are lovely! I confess I am thinking of buying some flats. There are some areas where they are absolutely recommendable!!!

  • Those would be darling wedding shoes for a bride who, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to tower. And great to take on the honeymoon too. Cute!

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