Nicholas Kirkwood white ankle boots

white Nicholas Kirkwood ankle boots

I know, I know: I’m posting about winter fashion again, after telling you it’s the very last thing I want to think about right now.

Well, it IS the last thing I want to think about. And I feel hot just looking at all of the images of coats and tights and boots and other cold-weather clothing I’ve been subjected to over the past few days.

But then these Nicholas Kirkwood boots popped up at Net-a-Porter, and I’m not going to lie: I love them. Between the pointed toe, the gold heel and clasp, they have a very futuristic look to them, but they’re “futuristic” in the way that movies and TV shows from the 60s depicted the future. It was always a future in which people walked around in skin-tight lycra jumpsuits in block colours, and everyone looked like they’d stepped right out of the pages of Vogue, circa 2254.

These boots would fit right in with that retro/futuristic vision, but would they fit into the current-day wardrobe? As in, could you actually imagine wearing them?

I could. I can imagine wearing them with this dress, for instance, which is from La Redoute’s collaboration with Courrèges:

white 60s style wool shift dress

I love the 60s feel of this, and think the whole outfit, complete with white tights and slicked-back hair, looks fantastic. It’s… probably not the most wearable outfit, around, however, which makes me think it;s the kind of outfit I can IMAGINE wearing, but which would probably never become a reality. Happily, the dress also comes in black and hot pink, and the continuation of the monochrome trend means there should be no shortage of options: the simplicity of the style means these would work well with basic black, or any other block colour.

What do you think? What would you wear with these, assuming you would wear them at all?

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