New Look Gold Textured Knotted Platform Heels

New Look Gold Textured Knotted Platform Heels

New Look Gold Textured Knotted Platform Heels, £29.99

I’m not sure quite how it happened, but over the last year or so, New Look suddenly got really good again.

I’ll be honest: prior to that I’d kind of forgotten about the brand that used to be one of my favourites. I hadn’t found anything I liked there in a while, and while that’s no reflection on New Look themselves, I’d assumed I’d possibly just outgrown it, or that my taste had changed enough for their clothes not to be quite right for me any more. This year, however, I’ve actually been finding quite a few things to love, and have even made a few purchases, which just goes to show that you should never rule anything out in the search for style!

Today I’m featuring these gold knotted platforms, which also come in black. These are very affordable at £29.99, but are the kind of shoes that will see you right through the party season and beyond – or for as long as this style of chunky platform remains current, anyway!

Also from New Look is this faux fur jacket:

faux fur coat

I’m currently a little bit obsessed with faux fur coats, and have been spending more time than I like to think about searching for the perfect replacement for my existing coat. This one comes pretty close: I love the colour and the shawl collar, but would like it even more if it was just a little bit longer: this looks to hit at around hip-length, which makes it more of a long jacket than a coat in my book. It’s well priced, and a great style, though, so we’ll  see what else turns up!

Less glamorous, but just as cosy, is this cable-knit sweater:

cable-knit sweater

I’m in desperate need of some new knits right now – a need which is becoming ever-more obvious as the temperature drops – so this looks almost as appealing to me as the shoes right now: words I never thought I’d type!

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