New Balance WL373 baby pink sneakers

New Balance baby pink sneakers

New Balance WL373 baby pink sneakers

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see the day when I’d be featuring a pair of sneakers here on, as part of anything other than some kind of sportswear-related feature, but whatdday know: here we are!

The thing is though, sneakers are absolutely everywhere right now. And, I mean, they always have been – don’t get me wrong. Back when I was in high school, in fact, sneakers were the only thing anyone ever wore, and woe betide you if you happened to own the “wrong” brand. As I’ve gotten older, the brand-related snobbery seems to have died out, thankfully (At least, it has in the circles I move in!), but I still know plenty of people who pretty much live in their sneakers, and always have done. I’ve never been one of them (High school excepted, and even then, I ended up ditching them in favour of the Doc Marten boots I swore I would wear forever…), but lately, every time I log onto my favourite fashion websites, and go directly to the shoe section, I’ll see almost as many pairs of sneakers as I will other styles – and, I have to admit, they’ve gradually been growing on me.

I think part of this is due to me reaching that stage in life I swore I’d never succumb to, where comfort has become just as important (Although not MORE important: I’m not quite there yet 😉 ) as style, and I find myself wanting to wear simple, casual clothes, more and more often. It’s also, however, partly down to the fact that sneakers are just nicer these days, aren’t they? These baby pink New Balance trainers are currently at the top of my wish list (Yes, I’m still mildly obsessed with pale pink), but they’re just one of many, many pairs of surprisingly stylish sneakers currently available at Spartoo – and I have a funny feeling that at least one of those pairs might be on their way to me soon!

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