‘Money shoes’ by Masion Martin Margiela 22

martin-margiela-money-shoesWell, damn. I guess this is what I get for banging on so much about how much I love Martin Margiela’s shoes: The Fashion Police go and dig up these little gems, which come with great big wads of fake cash stuck to the front of them!

I’d assume Margiela is making some kind of point here about fashion as a status symbol, but those with a non-ironic sense of humour may just miss the joke and find them very tacky. And where I live, walking around with money, albeit fake, stuck to your shoes would be a great way to buy yourself a whole lot of unwanted attention, into the bargain, and possibly a mugging.

If you think the joke is funny enough to overcome the possible dangers, however, you can pick these up at Yoox.com, but for some reason there’s only a few sizes left!

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