Why do you love shoes?

list of reasons why women love shoes

I asked this question on Facebook last week, but figured I’d ask it here, too:


I mean, given that you’re reading a blog dedicated to them, I’m assuming you DO love shoes: but why? What is it about shoes – as opposed to any other fashion item – that inspires such enthusiasm in so many of us: that makes us squeal with excitement and declare that we just HAVE to have them, no matter what?

I know this question will have a different answer depending on who you ask, so here are some reasons why I love shoes:


You don’t have to be a particular shape or size to wear a certain style of shoe, and if you’re having a “fat day”, they’ll still fit: I’d love them for that reason alone!


Of course, not everyone actually WANTS to look taller, and I should stress here that there’s nothing wrong with being short. If you’re shorter-than-average, and want to be able to look people in the eye every now and then (as opposed to staring up at them), heels will help you do it – platforms even more so! Not only do shoes make you literally taller, however, they also help you walk tall, too: I find that a pair of high heels will encourage me to straighten my back, pull back my shoulders, and take longer strides – no more slumped shoulders or shuffling steps!


If only you could bottle that feeling of slipping on your favourite shoes, and preparing to face the world in them!


Just ask my husband, who had to build me a set of shelves so I could put them on “display”…


The right pair of shoes have the power to make even an old pair of jeans look fabulous, while the wrong pair can render a stunning dress “ordinary”. What other accessory can do all that?

Tell me: why do YOU love shoes? 


  • You can easily gift someone a purse. Even a hat. But shoes border sex territory. In facts, sexy shoes are totally sex territory. You can’t have an orgasm by wearing a hat, I think. But I have proof you can have wearing wonderful shoes.

    • Lol Anna. I think you are right. If someone other than my husband bought me shoes (slippers aside – my mum always gets me these!) then I would wonder what their intentions were!

      As for your evidence of what heels can do, please elaborate…;-)

          • Well, let me explain. Have you haver chased a pair of shoes? When I see a pair of shoes on a girl, a pair of shoes I LOVE, I become obsessed by them, and start looking for them. This happens ALL THE TIME. There are shoes that I have chased for, no joke, 10 YEARS. And finally, I made it! One day, I found them on Ebay, right color, right size, mint condition. Bought them. When I received them by mail, the emotion, after 10 years of struggle, was almost overwhelming! And, maybe, I didn’t get off by sliding my feet in them. Maybe. Maybe a little. Or a little more.

  • As a male participant in shoeperwoman, this question of “why do I love shoes?” has more or less followed me since my days of toddlerhood. My first shoe love involved a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes. They looked so much better than the lace up, ankle boots most toddlers are given to wear when they are learning to walk. Being as the MJ’s were my sister’s, my opportunities to wear them had to be initiated under her radar, so to speak. Let’s just say there were a lot of contentious incidents over those shoes until she grew out of them. The moment I had that understanding, I took ownership of those MJ’s and began to wear them pretty much 24/7 with the possible exceptions during periods of hygienic maintenance, attire changes, and occasionally bedtime. As with all temporal things, the MJ’s became unwearable and since my sister was able to choose her next pair, I had expected to do the same. It wasn’t until I was in the shoe store that I found out this was not going to happen. I was forced into societal compliance, and the desire to wear MJ’s was left unfulfilled, only to increase with the passage of time.

    From this beginning, my desire to wear MJ’s has matured to include the wearing of stiletto pumps. I want my footwear to look good and compliment my appearance according to my attiring tastes. The list of reasons 01 thru 05 has also been part of my experiences from wearing heels. I’d also add the fact, 06. wearing heels encourages me to stay somewhat in shape and slim. The positive benefits just from wearing heels far out weighs the negatives in my life and has definitely contributed to a happier and healthier existence.

  • Ok ,well i had never thought of “why” but reading your article, turns out it’s for he same 5 reasons as you !

  • I love shoes because they make me feel like the me I want to be at that particular moment. You know how they say ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ well I change my shoes depending on who I want to be at that moment. Also some of the reasons above: they are works of art, lovely to look at, can make a plain outfit special, relatively easy to shop for and along with fun clutch bags the best part of any outfit 🙂 And if I’m feeling low they can give me a lift (figuratively, or literally, depending on the shoe).

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