Laurence Dacade Peter studded suede ankle boots

Laurence Dacade studded ankle boots

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It would take a lot to talk me out of my love of stiletto heels, but when it comes to ankle boots, I have to admit to a certain fondness for a lower, chunkier heel. There’s something reassuringly solid about the shape, and they’re the ideal footwear, not just for comfort, but also for creating that effortless, casual look that some people have instinctively, and which the rest of us can only try to emulate.

The best thing about these Laurence Dacade suede ankle boots, (£605 at Net-a-Porter) however, isn’t the fact that they look comfortable, or even the fact that they’d be an essential ingredient for that “effortless” look I just mentioned. No, the best thing about these boots is the studs. I mean, I didn’t really even need to say that, did I? You can all see for yourselves how that silver-studded upper adds a dose of glamour and an edge of toughness to the basic look, and while they might not justify the price tag, they do help explain the wistful looks I’ve been casting in their direction since I first laid eyes on them.

The Western-style boots have a 3.5″ heel, and are pulled on with the help of the suede tabs at the top of the ankle. Here’s one way to wear them:

blogger off-duty

 Topshop jeans  ♥  Topshop shirt  ♥  Mackage leather jacket ♥  Mango shopper  ♥  NARS lipstick

This look is basically my “off duty” look for autumn –  without the £600 boots, obviously. I do have most of the other items, however, and think they’ll combine nicely to create a casual, but pulled together, look for the cooler days ahead. These boots also look good worn with a dress, as shown on the Net-a-Porter website – another casual chic way to wear them!


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