Latinas ‘Bertina’ bronze ballet flats

Latinas 'Bertina' bronze ballet flats Latinas 'Bertina' bronze ballet flats

Latinas ‘Bertina’ bronze ballet flats, £29.70

These probably won’t be the most exciting shoes I feature all week (ballet flats rarely are, unfortunately, despite being one of the most popular shoe styles out there!), but since they’ve rarely been off my feet this week, I thought  I owned them a quick review at least!

These were one of my Sarenza Brand Ambassador picks for last month, and since then they’ve been reduced by 10% in the sale, making them even more of a bargain! They also come in silver, but I knew I’d get more use out of this lovely bronze shade, so it’s the colour I decided to go for.  I was definitely right about getting a lot of use out of them, too: this week I’ve been out and about a lot, and have been doing too much walking for heels to be practical, so these are the shoes I’ve been going for. I’ve probably walked miles in these over the last couple of days alone, and don’t have a single blister to show for it, which is testament to how comfortable they are. That’s not always a given with flats, either: I know a lot of people choose them as their “comfort” style, but although they’re definitely easier to walk in than heels, they don’t always provide much arch support, and can also be a touch on the heels, especially if you’re doing a lot of walking in them. I’ve found these to be really comfortable, however, and because the colour is so versatile, they’ve worked with a variety of different outfits, too.

Size-wise, I went for my usual size 4, and found the fit perfect, so I’d say they’re true-to-size. I have to apologise for the quality of the first photo in this post, however: I’d have taken some more, but the shoes are still pretty sandy after their trip to the beach, so they’re going to need a good clean before they’ll be ready for a close up!

These are £29.70 at Sarenza, and you can find them here.

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