Lanvin black spike-heeled shoe boots

Lanvin spike heeled shoe boots

Well, apparently we’re going with a “black” theme for today’s posts. Don’t blame me, folks: I don’t choose the theme, it’s the theme that chooses me! I’m powerless to resist, and must simply do whatever the shoes ask of me…

Actually, I have been going through a bit of a “black shoes” phase recently, as I’ve mentioned, and these Lanvin shoe boots have got me thinking about how I could create a similar look for a small fraction of the £629 price. I’m thinking “wide ribbon on cheaper pair of lace-up shoe boots” should do the trick, no? These are certainly beautiful, of course, but it’s really the ribbon which gives them the “wow” factor, and luckily for us, that’s the part that can be easily replicated. Now to find a pair of suitable (cheap) substitutes for the shoes themselves…



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