Jeffrey Campbell ‘Tick’ wedge peep toe boots


The fact that these shoes are currently only available to pre-order, and yet are still already sold out, is probably destined to be one of those great mysteries of life to me.

Sure, I can see that they’d be real attention-getters, and I’m already biased because of my general dislike of peep toe boots, but it’s all just too, too much for me.

If it isn’t too much for you, these are $169.95, and I found them at SoleStruck, but as I say, the pre-order is already sold out, so you may have to look elsewhere, or wait for more stock to come in!


  • I love the shape of the heel. (It’s the shape on my most favourite pair of sandals ever – the ones I hardly wear for fear of damaging them.) Other than that though they look like something that Trillian from H2G2 (the 80s TV series) might have worn. Except of course for the peep-toe – that bit is mystifying.

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