Hobbs Invitation ‘Sherry’ court shoes in gold

hold peep toe shoes with bow gold high heel shoes with peep toe and bow

Hobbs Invitation ‘Sherry’, £104

It’s a wonderful feeling when you discover a pair of amazing shoes that are ALREADY on sale, isn’t it?

It’s not quite as nice a feeling when those amazing shoes are already sold out in your size, however, so my apologies in advance to any of you who loved these shoes on sight, and click through to the Hobbs website, only to discover you can’t have them. It’s not my intention to tease you, I promise: just to let you see these bow-fronted beauties, which have to be one of the curviest sides I’ve seen on the high street so far. You all know how much I love a curvy-sided shoe, right? There was just no way I could’ve ignored these ones!

While the shape is the stand-out feature of these for me, the gold upper also deserves a mention, because it managed to be striking, but not over-the-top. It also has a really interesting texture to it, and although these aren’t exactly “cheap”, either at the sale price or at the original price of £149, if you’d shown me them without telling me the brand name, I’d probably have assumed they were more expensive even than that.

Hobbs say these will be your new dancing shoes. Whether or not that’s true is up to you, but if you’d like to give them a shot, you can buy them here.

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