Heroes or Villains? Prada’s Chandelier shoes

If you keep up with the world of fashion at all, I’m sure you won’t need me to tell you that Prada’s chandelier shoes are currently being hailed as one of the “It” shoes of this season. I have to be honest: I’m really struggling to understand just WHY that is, because although I know it’s not actually the case, everything about these shoes just screams “cheap” to me, from the tip of  their crystal-trimmed toes to their lucite heels.

Can we also talk about that clear plastic velcro strap? Or don’t we need to even mention how cheap it looks?

Well, I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel about these (and have saved myself $1,800 into the bargain!), but what about you, readers? These shoes are obviously being coveted by shoe bloggers the world over for a good reason: anyone want to explain to me what it is?

These aren’t yet available to buy, and will be in limited supply when they are: rumour has it that the US will receive only three pairs, so once again, sorry if I’ve just dashed your hopes of ever owning a pair. What do you think of them, though?


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