Best of 2012: Glitter Shoes

glitter shoes

When I look back on the shoes on 2012, one of the things I’ll remember it for is being the year when glitter stopped being a “December only” type of thing, and started to appear on shoes and boots all year round. With that in mind, and realising that today is a day when you’re all probably too busy thinking about the upcoming break (if you’re getting one) to concentrate on much of anything, and also starting to think about your New Year’s Eve outfits, I thought I do a quick roundup of some glitter-encrusted party shoes, to get you in the mood.

These are all shoes I’ve featured over the course of the past year: I’ve noted the name of the designer on each image, and you can find the original posts on my glitter shoes page, but please be aware that some of these shoes are from much earlier in the year, so not all of them will still be available to buy – they’re really here simply as eye-candy, and to give you something to do as you count down to the weekend and holiday!


  • There are just not enough glitter shoes in my wardrobe. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and new year, Amber (and Terry and Rubin), and I look forward to another year of shoes in 2013!

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