Giuseppe Zanotti black and gold strappy sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti black and gold strappy sandals Giuseppe Zanotti black and gold strappy sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti black and gold strappy sandals, £1,220

You can always depend on Giuseppe Zanotti to bring a bit of drama to the party, can’t you?

These stiletto sandals are very characteristic of the brand, and instantly identifiable: the designer has a way of giving everything he touches an almost futuristic touch, and these are no exception – that gold “swoosh” (I have no idea what the correct terminology is, so I’m just going to go with “swoosh”…) is bold, beautiful, and statement-making without being overwhelming. These are the kind of shoes I’d cross the room to take a closer look at, but they’re also the kind of shoes that will blend seamlessly with most outfits – the best of both worlds.

These shoes are also available with a purple upper, but if you’re looking for something a little more traditional in terms of strappy sandals, how about these, also by Zanotti?

Giuseppe Zanotti strappy sandals

These have a pretty floral design on the front strap, but retain the very high heel and steeply sloping footbed of the previous style. The heel height is 120mm, and the crystal embellishment is a sure sign that these aren’t going to be cheap – just in case the brand name alone didn’t clue you in to that one!

These, however, are possibly my favourites of Giuseppe Zanotti’s current designs:

gold glitter sandals

Simple and elegant, but with that stunning gold glitter effect on the straps, these are very much my kinda shoes – I mean, just look at that silhouette! They make me want to throw a party, just to give myself an excuse to wear them – and if you know me, you know I hate throwing parties, so that’s really saying something!

All of the styles I’ve shown you today have fallen into the category of “party shoes”, so I’ll leave you with something you could wear during the day:

tartan court shoes

OK, so the jewel on the toe is possibly a BIT much for the office, I’ll give you that. But you’ll never know if you don’t try…

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