Gianvito Rossi red ‘Vernice’ high heeled sandals

Gianvito Rossi red 'Vernice' high heeled sandals

Gianvito Rossi red ‘Vernice’ high heeled sandals, £545

Gianvito Rossi has done it again, creating another beautiful shoe that’s stunning in its simplicity.

These sandals make clever use of perspex to create an upper which looks much slimmer and more elegant than it actually is (if you imagine the perspex sections in the same colour as the rest of the upper, you’ll get a shoe which is very similar, but not quite as striking: it’s amazing what a little bit of PVC can do!). The Harrods website doesn’t include a photo of these on a foot, unfortunately, but I imagine they’ll look pretty great: ‘barely there’ in the best possible way.

Finally, I talk about the versatility of red shoes so much that I don’t think I need to repeat myself, but suffice to say that I can’t think of a colour I’d rather see them in. If you can, however, they also come in black (which is also stunning), and leopard print, both of which you can see here.

nautical outfit featuring red pencil skirt and heels

skirt / top / bag / watch / scarf

As regular readers will no doubt know by now, I’m a huge fan of the so-called nautical look, and this outfit is a more sophisticated twist on that, with the red pencil skirt and navy stripe top. This particular top is the perfect shape (I love a good boatneck – so classic!), but it’s not, sadly, a perfect price, so I’ll be looking out for a cheaper alternative – or possibly just ransacking my closet to see if there isn’t one lurking in there already: you do start to lose count after a certain amount of stripes, after all…

(Oh, and I also think I might need the watch. I have a “thing” for anything with an anchor on it, for some reason…)

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