Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Belly Nodo’ white t-bar sandals

Christian Louboutin belly nodo white bow t-bars Christian Louboutin bridal shoes

Christian Louboutin ‘Belly Nodo’ t-bar sandals, £595

It’s not often I feature a pair of bridal shoes as our Friday Louboutin Fix, but then again, it’s not often a pair of bridal shoes has the ability to make me seriously wonder if I could pull off a pair of bright white shoes as part of a totally NON-bridal look.

I say “bridal shoes”. There’s no rule to say that white shoes can only ever be worn by brides, and, indeed, a lot of brides these days are choosing other colours instead. White shoes do, however, still have a very “bridal” feel to them somehow, which is why I suspect I probably WOULDN’T be able to pull these off, but if you could, then go for it. And if you couldn’t, take comfort in the fact that there’s also a black version of these available: I personally don’t think it’s quite as cute as the white ones shown above, but there’s no denying that it’d be a whole lot easier to wear. I, meanwhile, am just thankful that these aren’t available in mint green, baby blue, pale pink, or any of my other “trigger” colours. I REALLY can’t justify spending £595 on a single pair of shoes right now, but in a pretty pastel shade, these would be totally irresistible!

If you do have a reason to wear these, you need to know that they have a 120mm stiletto heel, with a 10mm concealed platform, to make them easier to walk in. You also need to know that they’re completely and utterly fabulous: but you didn’t need me to point that out to you, did you?

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  • These are actually very non-bridal-y to me. They are fun and kicky, with the T-strap and a bow. I would say, perfect for a 50-s inspired supper look, whether with a floral sun dress or nautical capris and boatneck ensemble.

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