Forever 21 Mary Jane Posy Platform Pumps

These shoes are a bit of a departure for Forever 21, but won’t be at all surprising to anyone who’s been following footwear trends over the last few months, because these have all the hallmarks of the 90s-influenced, quirky-patterned shoe we’ve come to associate, first with Miu Miu, and then with the various other brands who jumped on board the bandwagon.

For me, these shoes are just a little – OK, a LOT – too much. Having experienced the fashions of the 90s first hand, I’ve no desire at all to have to see them all come back, and while clumpy shoes definitely have their moments, I don’t think this is one of them, although I’d be more than willing to change my mind if I see someone making these work.

What do you think of them? If you love them, you can click here to buy them from Forever 21 for just $25.80.


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