Footwear with faces: ‘Victoria’ face pumps from Topshop

face-detail-pumpsWe spoke briefly about the phenomenon of footwear-with-faces yesterday, in the shape of Marc Jacobs’ mouse pumps, but what if the face in question belongs to a human, rather than to an animal?

That’s the idea behind these ‘Victoria’ pumps from Topshop, which, as you can see, are fluttering their eyelashes and pouting their lips at us as I write this. These also come with a string of  pearls which act as an ankle strap, and actually, this is the part of these shoes I object to most: I really hate pearls on shoes, and think they never fail to cheapen the look, so these would never have been to my taste, even without the face.

Are they to yours, though? If they are, they’re £20, and you can buy them at Topshop.


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