Fericelli green suede ‘Zevaza’ shoe boots

Fericelli green suede 'Zevaza' shoe boots

Fericelli green suede shoe boots, £140.99

Continuing with the “brightly coloured boots” theme which I’ve been a little bit obsessed with lately (I much prefer shoes, as most of you know, but when it gets to this time of year, even a Shoeperhero starts thinking about something a little bit warmer!), I couldn’t help but have my head turned by these Fericelli shoe boots, which come in a fabulous shade of teal-ish green.

Now, I’m a big fan of shoe boots. They have none of those leg-fitting issues you always run into with taller boots (you know, when the legs are either so wide they look like wellies, or so small you can’t actually zip them up), work equally well with jeans/trousers or skirts/dresses, and often come in a selection of more interesting uppers than is typically the case with long boots. I’m slowly convincing myself I need to buy lots more pairs of shoe boots, here…

These ones are particularly nice, not just because of the colour, but because of the patent/suede mix. And if you love the colour, but are thinking suede isn’t too practical for wet weather:

green patent shoes

Matching shoes! Now I just have to talk myself out of needing wanting them both!

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