DKNY Bop Rubberized Boots

dkny-bop-rubber-bootsYou’ll have to bear with me on this one. I realise these aren’t the most glamorous boots I’ve ever featured here, but here’s the thing: now that winter is well on the way, I’m in the market for a pair of practical boots that I can wear for walking the dog. “Practical” is the key word here: these boots will see their fair share of mud and rain, so they need to be able to stand up to that without being ruined, but of course, being the footwear aficionado I am, I wouldn’t be unhappy if they could be just a little bit stylish too. And maybe have a small heel.

DKNY’s ‘Bop’ boots seem to fit the bill: they’re rubber, so they’re not going to be daunted by a Scottish winter, but the shape is also fairly sleek and non-clumpy, so they won’t look too bad on, either. Unfortunately for me, there’s one area in which they definitely DON’T fit the bill: they cost $135, and while that’s not horrendously expensive, it’s still a whole lot more than I’d pay for footwear that’s destined to meet mud on a frequent basis…

DKNY ‘Bop’ boots, $135, Shopbop


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