Dior ‘Tahiti’ canvas espadrilles

Now, I don’t know about you lot, but if I paid almost £1,000 and got a pair of these shoes to show for it, I’d be pretty annoyed. In fact, even if I got BOTH of them for that price, I’d still want to try and punch myself. And it’s not that they’re ugly… well, not exactly. OK, the ones on the left are pretty ugly, to be honest. It’s more the idea of paying that much money for shoes made from straw. And which look like… this.

Is it just me, readers? The shoes on the left are £992 at Saks, while the ones on the right are $850 at Neiman Marcus. Do either of them take your fancy?


  • Eww no they are horrible! The one on the right could be ok if it didnt have all that rope.. One for the fashion police!

  • I totally agree. Although they both have a nice silhouette, but the ugly toe part of the left one and the garish colours of the right one ruin that first impression. Totally.
    And that much money for a bit of straw? Ha, you wish! 😛

  • I kind of liked the ones on the right, but not enough to wear them… maybe it was more because of the color… that draw my attention. The price is absurd, they should be ashamed of selling rope and straw for that price. But we’ll see some people wearing them because of the brand… in jet-set circles…

  • I like those on the right, but not $850-like. I doubt I’ll ever find shoes I like that much, though…
    The left ones looks like they’re trying to be ballet shoes. Like, really useless ballet shoes.

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