Customised retro peep toe shoes: ‘Picnic Basket’ by Shoe Missy

shoe-missy-peep-toesAs I’m sure my friends at The Fashion Police will confirm, I’m a big fan of anything that can be even vaguely described as “retro”. So Shoe Missy, who customises shoes in a “pin up girl” style, is right up my street, then.

These ‘Picnic Basket’ peep toes are absolutely adorable, with their over sized gingham bows and pale blue uppers. So adorable, in fact, that they’re sold out at the Shoe Missy website. Don’t despair, though, because I managed to track them down to Pin-Up Parade, who are stockists of the brand, as well as selling a range of retro-style clothes which have me drooling every time I look at them. Enjoy! (And don’t blame me if your credit card ends up taking a severe beating…)


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