Classic ballet flats from Zara

Zara ballet flats

Zara ballet flats, £19.99

Another Zara pick for this week! Every time there’s an update to the brand’s website, there seems to be a similar update to my shoeper wish list, which is why ShoeperMan keeps threatening to block my access to the Zara site.

(I’m kidding. My shoeper powers are far too powerful to allow anything like that…)

These little red and navy ballet flats may not look like much, but while there are always tons of pairs of flats around, I seem to struggle to find ones in the perfect, simple shape. These look like exactly that: they have a low-cut vamp (essential on a flat, I think: too high a vamp can look very frumpy on this style of shoe), a shiny patent upper (in two of my favourite shoe colours, too!) and an affordable price tag, too: these are just £19.99, which means the red version might just sneak their way into my basket the next time I’m ordering something from Zara.

How to save these ballet flats?

I’m pretty sure no one actually needs my advice on how to save ballet flats: they’re one of the simplest styles out there, and they’re REALLY easy to wear, so they’re the kind of shoes that are practically guaranteed to make it safely through any Shoe Challenges you might be taking part in.  Having said that, despite all of the many, many options that exist for styling red flats, I can almost always be relied upon to wear them exactly the same way:

what to wear with red ballet flats

What to wear with red ballet flats


Other than the shoes themselves, this is almost exactly what I’m wearing right this very second. The only reason I’m not wearing the shoes (other than that I’m at home, obviously) is because I’ve somehow managed to find myself without any pairs of red flats in my collection. I have no idea how this happened, but I DO know I need to rectify the situation ASAP. Those shoes are DEFINITELY going onto my wish list…

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