Chocolate Schubr brown suede ‘Pebbie’ ankle boots

Chocolate Schubr brown suede 'Pebbie' ankle boots

Chocolate Schubar brown suede ‘Pebbie’ ankle boots, £122.99

It’s all too easy for a pair of brown ankle boots (or any ankle boots, really: I mean, they’re useful, but they’re just not nearly as much fun as shoes, are they?) to stand accused of being boring. Luckily, though, it’s also pretty easy for the boots in question to escape that charge. These Chocolate Schubar boots have done it using the simple measure of a contrasting bow tied around the ankle, instantly turning a plain boot into a pretty one.

This bow is notable for two reasons. One is the simple fact that it’s not on the toe or the ankle, which are the default bow placements for many shoe brands. The other is the little buckle on the side, which stops it looking too “girlie”, and gives it the appearance of a narrow belt being used as a bow. (That sounds a bit odd on paper, but I think it works in person, don’t you?)

These are a nice mix of practicality and style, and the 9cm heel looks very walkable, too – always a good thing in the type of shoe you’ll wear all winter!

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