Chloe Capretto white leather ballerina flats

I can’t say ballet flats are something I tend to be willing to spend a lot of money on. As pretty as they can be, the fact that the entire sole is in constant contact with the ground means I’m much harder on them than I am on shoes with heels, so they wear out much faster in my hands (or on my feet, rather) than other styles do. And I can’t say white ballet flats are normally high on my wish list, either: I almost always go for silver, gold or, er, leopard print when I’m buying this style of shoe, purely because they’re so versatile. (OK, maybe not the leopard print…)

With all of that said, though, these Chloe flats are really pretty, with their little chain-edged flower embellishments. Are they $495 worth of pretty? Not to me, I don’t think, but if they’re worth that much to you, you can buy them at Net-a-Porter.


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