Charlotte Olympia purple satin ‘Paloma’ platform shoes

These shoes are instantly recognisable as being from the Charlotte Olympia stable: that particular style of platform has become the designer’s trademark, and so far it’s served her well. These purple satin ‘Paloma’ pumps, however, would be showstoppers even without the huge, gold-trimmed sole: the deep purple satin has a truly sumptuous feel, and then there’s the little ruffle detail on the heel:

I’m not generally keen on ruffled heels, which can all too often make the shoe look like it’s wearing a toupee (never a great look, it has to be said), but these ones are done so well they add to the style of the shoe rather than detracting from it. With such a strong colour and bold shape, it’s difficult to get away with any extra detail without creating something that’s too “busy” to be beautiful, but I think Charlotte Olympia has managed it with these. If you agree, you can click here to buy them at Net-a-Porter, where they’re £590.


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