Celebrity Shoes: Lily Cole in Miu Miu’s two tone patent sandals

I’d just finished writing about Miu Miu’s two tone patent sandals this morning when I stumbled across this photo of Lily Cole (who’s now brunette, apparently), wearing the black and white versions to last night’s Empire awards. They look fantastic from this angle, but don’t actually look too comfortable in some other photos I’ve seen:

It’s possibly just the angle she’s standing at, but this kind of thing is a bit of an occupational hazard with this type of strappy, open-toed sandal unfortunately: they make it a little too easy for your feet to fall out of them!

That aside, I love Lily’s bright yellow dress, and while I adored her red hair (well, obviously…) I must admit, she’s just as beautiful as a brunette, too.


  • They are pretty but the first photo makes it clear that ballet training would be a plus when it comes to wearing these shoes.

  • I’m agree with you, these MIUMIUs don’t look comfortable at all..but they are gougeous. I think (IMHO) Lily Cole has choosen the wrong size: an half size upper than her usually one, so the shoes don’t seem follow correctly her feet.

  • The dress is amazing (I’m looking for something yellow to wear during my exams… it’s said that yellow enhances your chances to pass – uh, well… knowledge as well, and a hopefully well-humored professor…) and the sandals are very pretty, but I think this kind of strap is tricky… nevertheless, nice style!

  • Definitely the wrong size. Her foot seems to ooze over the edge, not a pretty picture. The ankle strap looks like it would keep it secure, in spite of the placement of the toe strap very close to the end. I have a wide foot, so I could never wedge my piggies into that comfortably.

  • The shoes are simple, and gorgeous. She does appear to need a wider size though – but I’ve never seen wide sizes here (at least in Canada).

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