Bourne silver ‘Kathryn’ evening shoes

silver high heeled evening shoes with diamante bow

When it comes to evening shoes, Bourne are one of the best in the business, and although the prices put them into “fantasy” league for yours truly, they do make some excellent eye candy, no?

When I first came across this shoes, I thought the uppers were silver glitter. Having taken a look at the close-up view on the Spartoo website, however, I see that they’re not: it’s just a print which is cleverly designed to look like glitter. This actually makes me like them even more, because as much as I love the look of glitter-encrusted footwear, I still don’t think they’re very “me” (I still haven’t decided whether to keep my Kurt Geiger ‘Jasmines’ yet!), so I like the fact that these give a similar effect, without making me worry that I’d have to get the glue gun out at some point to replace any missing glitter.

(I don’t actually own a glue gun. I should get on that.)

The bow on these does come with more than its fair share of bling though. And no, I can’t quite believe I just used the word “bling”, either.

Bourne shoes with bow on toeLovely. And, you know, expensive. If you can find a way to justify them, however, you can click here to buy them from Spartoo.


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