Blue and turquoise suede-effect peep toes from Zara

Zara blue turquoise suede peep toe shoes

I’ve spotted these stores a few times in-store over the past few weeks, and even although the last thing I need is another pair of bright blue shoes, every time I’ve seen them I’d had to stop and either pick them up or try them on: they’re just those kind of shoes.

The brilliant blue and bright turquoise colour combination is the main reason these are such show stoppers (Or Shoeper-stoppers, rather…), but I also like the shape, which is nicer in real life. There is one small detail which may put a few of you off: the squared-off toe:

Zara blue peep toe shoes

I don’t like square toes on pumps, but I don’t mind them on peep toes, particularly given that the shape of the toe isn’t really noticeable when they’re worn, anyway. Don’t you just love the flash of turquoise peeking out of the bottom of the shoe?

SHOES: Zara colourblock peep toes, £29.99
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  • Zara just keep churning out amazing shoes this year, and they’re so affordable! The sale started today in Brum, I’ve been avoiding going in but I think I might have to…

  • I wonder if these are available at Zara here. I don’t mind the square toe at all! And I love the colours.

  • does anyone know where I can buy this shoe still? I looked on their website it isn’t there .?? I really want them.

  • Hello everyone,
    I still have this zara/trafaluc shoe, size 39, bought years back, last pair, never got to use it (not even once). Let me know if you’re interested.

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