Black dogtooth print court shoes from River Island

black dogtooth print court shoes

Black dogtooth print court shoes, £55

I’ve mentioned my love of dogtooth check often enough here that I’m sure I don’t need to tell you yet again what a fantastic print this is for winter, and how I find it almost impossible to walk past anything, be it clothes or shoes, bearing this particular pattern.

Instead, then, I’ll simply tell you how much I like these River Island dogtooth platforms. As much as I love the print, I know other people can find it  a little bit on the “sensible” side, so the flash of hot pink on the sole is a nice addition to these shoes, and adds a modern twist to a classic look.

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  • I don’t know what it is, because my grandmother never wore this print that I can remember, but it just strikes me as being a bit old-ladyish.

  • I love that you call it dogtooth, because where over here its always called houndstooth. Either way, I get obsessed with it every autumn since a few years back when I found the most amazing houndstooth coat at a consignment shop. We’re not even two weeks into September and I’ve already bought two houndstooth cardigans.

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