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Lipstick is a very much loved makeup favourite step for many makeup users. It’s usually the last step to a makeup look and can change the way it looks. It’s sold in various colors, finishes, and tones. It’s always worth knowing what your lipstick contains and what type of ingredients were used to create it. Many widely known brands use unsafe ingredients in their formula which is why it’s important to check the ingredients before applying the product onto the lips. 

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Makeup – the basics 

  • Foundation: a base product of most makeup looks. It’s used to prepare a beautiful even complexion for this rest of your products. It also smoothes out the skin and comes in different finishes (matte, illuminating, hydrating). 
  • Primer: this product is applied before applying any face products such as foundation and concealer and smoothes out your skin before foundation. It also helps keep your makeup stay input and blurs out the appearance of pores. If you have a mattifying primer, it can mattify the skin or an illuminating one can give your skin a nice glow. Primer also helps reduce redness. 
  • Powder: it sets wet products such as foundation and concealer and gives the skin a smooth finish. It’s also used to mattify the skin and keep it from overproducing oil throughout the day. Powders can also come in different formulas (pressed or loose). 
  • Concealer: it conceals under eye bags and imperfections. It brightens and lightens the area while also covering blemishes. It also tends to be thicker in consistency and has very good coverage. 
  • Contour powder: this product helps your face appear slimmer and gives it some colour. It also sculpts and contours the hollow points of the face. 
  • Blush: blushes are typically pink or peach and are applied to the cheeks. They come in loose powder, cream or pressed powder form. They also give the face a healthier appearance. 
  • Bronzer: this product gives the face a darker glow and make it appear healthier. 
  • Highlighter: it’s applied to the high points of the face and gives it a nice glow that makes the face appear smoother and more youthful. 
  • Mascara: mascara is used to make the lashes appear longer while attaching tiny fibres to them. It mostly comes in black and dark brown with lots of different brush shapes and sizes. 
  • Eyeshadow primer: this creates an even layer of product onto which eyeshadow is applied. It also helps it stay in place throughout the day. 
  • Eyeshadow: eyeshadow comes in many different colours and formulas that allow you to create different colourful eye looks and enhance the eyes. 
  • Eyeliner: it brings out the natural colour and shape of the eyes. It also can be used to draw on a totally different shape. It is typically black or brown.
  • Eyebrow products: they come in pencil products, creams and pomades. They frame the face and are one of the most important elements of the face. Many people prefer a natural brow look, while others like a drawn out eyebrow. 
  • Eyelash/brow gel: gel is used to hold hairs in place and comes in a clear colour or natural eyebrow colours (brown, black, taupe). 
  • Lip gloss: gloss gives the lips shine and moisture while also giving it some colour. 
  • Lipstick: lipstick can come in a matte, glossy, or sheer finish and is an important element of any completed makeup look. It’s quite popular to use a red lipstick- the iconic red lip. Pinks, purples and nudes are also popular shades.
  • Finishing spray: the final touch of any makeup look to lock it and set it in place. It also helps keep the skin matte or illuminated depending on the finish you’re going for. 

Switch to organic! 

Our skin absorbs more than half of the products that we apply onto it. A lot of these products contain harmful ingredients too. 

It’s important to know which ingredients you should avoid and which types of products can be the most harmful. Parabens are something you should definitely avoid – they’re preservatives that are used to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in cosmetics. Once the skin absorbs them, they are then transmitted into the bloodstream. They are actually linked to causing breast cancer and early puberty. Heavy metals like chrome and nickel are often found in makeup and are related to lung cancer and brain damage. Titanium dioxide should also be avoided at all costs. Carbon black is an ingredient that is frequently found in darker makeup products (black, dark brown pigmented). This ingredient is linked to organ system toxicity and cancer. Synthetic fragrances are ignored and overlooked since they aren’t extremely harmful to the skin, but they can be quite irritating, especially for those who deal with sensitive skin. Look for products that contain natural essential oils and fragrances. Many lipsticks contain lead, a harmful ingredient that causes irreversible damage to the skin and overall health. It can also cause allergies and irritate the skin. 

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The safest option is choosing organic products. They contain natural, safe ingredients that you don’t have to be scared of. They also contain very little to zero toxins and are typically naturally derived. Most of them also contain minimal fillers like oil or water and add a lot of beneficial plant-based ingredients and botanicals. They also complement a healthy lifestyle since organic farming is better for the environment. Farming practices for organic products are ethical and cruelty-free in most cases. 

Lipstick – the cherry on top 

Lipstick is a favorite product amongst makeup lovers. It’s said to make you feel more confident and walk taller. Lips generally lack melanin which protects skin from harmful UV rays, so it’s actually pretty crucial to wear a sun protecting lipstick since it reduces the chances of skin cancer. Lipstick is mainly a form of giving the lips some color and enhancing their shape. It comes in a lot of colors and formulas as well. Using only organic lipstick brands that are certified to be safe and natural on the lips will only leave you feeling better about your lips and you won’t worry about toxic ingredients. Here are a few of the best: 

Ruby’s Organic Lipsticks 

These lipsticks have a unique formula which gives a beautiful and natural finish. It moisturises the lips like a lip balm, but stays on like a long-wearing lipstick. It gives a semi-matte finish and contains mango, castor oil, almond oil and shea butter. This gives the lips a soft, yet smooth look.

Henné Organics Lip Tint

A cruelty-free lip colour that’s handmade in the US. It’s super pigmented, but still flexible to use. It can be applied as a bold colour or a natural hue. All ingredients are organic, some include castor seed oil, jojoba seed, coconut oil and many more. The finish is very velvety and feels like satin on the lips. It also lasts all day long. 

Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick

The lipstick protects and colours the lips while leaving them plump and moisturised. The brand has a very large colour selection with chemical-free ingredients in every lipstick. It’s also paraben-free, dye-free, and contains ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, botanical extracts and sesame seed oil. 

Zuii Organic Satin Lip Colour 

A very unique blend of camellia seed oil, Vitamin E and C and shea butter moisturises the lips perfectly. It’s great for those looking for a deeply hydrating product for dry lips while also giving them a bit of color. They contain only naturally derived essential oils.  The scent is also quite subtle for those who dislike strong scents. 

Ilia Beauty Lipstick

These natural lipsticks give a creamy finish and carry beautiful colours. They are encased in a modern, recycled aluminum case. They’re also infused with jojoba oil and cocoa butter that help soften the lips. The lipstick is super hydrating and has many anti-aging benefits that make it a perfect choice for everyday wear. 

Hemp Organics Lipstick

A natural lipstick brand that makes lipsticks with signature USDA Certified Organic plant derived oils and waxes. They don’t contain any fragrances, synthetic preservatives or FD dyes. They are made with organic beeswax combined with carnauba plant wax which seals in moisture and keeps the lips nourished. They’re great for everyday wear. The price of these lipsticks is also amazing. 

Organistick Organic Lipstick

This brand promises long-lasting wear and perfect pigmentation. Their lipsticks are made only with certified ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and jojoba oil. They offer bright reds, bright corals, and soft nudes so everyone will find a colour for them. This is the most user-friendly experience and how it starts with the day. 

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Gabriel Cosmetics Vegan Lipstick

This is a very long-lasting lipstick that has a creamy formula and comes in many colours. The lipstick contain jojoba oil, sesame oil and candelilla wax that nourish the lips. It never feathers and gives a full coverage that covers the lips perfectly.

Lotus Pure Herbals Lip

Lotus Pure is classified as USDA Certified Organic. It contains zero parabens, synthetic fragrances, or phthalates. Their formula is super hydrating and loaded with antioxidants. What’s interesting is that the vibrant colours are derived from fruit pigment. They have a wide range of colours and it’s a great choice for those looking to moisturise the lips while giving them a bit of colour. 

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick 

Their products are filled with moisturizing ingredients and protective antioxidants. The lipstick is amazingly pigmented and applies like a dream. It’s also extremely long-lasting and stays on for many hours. It contains natural fruit essences and essential oils.

Moisturising Lipstick by Burt’s Bees 

This is an all-natural, healthy lipstick that requires no mirror for application. It gives a beautiful finish on the lips. Some ingredients are shea butter, jojoba oil and kendi oil. It’s super hydrating and leaves the lips conditioned for long. It’s also made with only organic ingredients without any added fragrances or flavour. It comes in many different shades, including bright red.  

Choosing the right lipstick isn’t easy – our recommendations will help you find the best one. It’s important to test out products and see what you like best, especially if you’ve been using only drugstore lipsticks filled with chemicals and toxic ingredients. After switching to organic lipsticks, you’ll see a major difference and never go back to your past choices. Lipstick should make you feel better. You shouldn’t be worrying that it will irritate your skin and cause future damage. 

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