Barratts ‘Freckles’ tan flat slouch boots


When I was out shopping at the weekend, I happened to walk past a woman who was wearing the most gorgeous pair of slouchy, flat boots in a lovely tan leather. Instantly I was obsessed: I, too, wanted a pair of tan coloured flat boots, and so I set about searching through the mall we were visiting to see if i could find a pair.

These “Freckles” boots by Barratts were the closest match I could find: although they’re not real leather they’re much nicer and more expensive looking in real life than they are in this photo, and although they’re not totally flat, I really like the small heel, which will help give the foot a bit of support as well as creating a slightly more elegant shape.

The shop had closed before I could make my mind up whether to go back and buy them or not, but at just £45 I think they’d make a good, hard-wearing pair of boots for winter.

Barratts tan slouch boots, £45


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