ASOS PEGASUS Chainmail High Sandals

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently a little bit obsessed with blue in general, and with navy in particular, so it was actually the colour of these shoes that caught my attention first, rather than the much more obvious chainmail detailing around the ankle. Once you’ve noticed the chainmail, though, it becomes impossible to ignore, and that’s the whole idea. These sandals are actually quite interesting, because they mix a daywear style with a sequined upper, which is something I generally associate with evening shoes. Sequins are becoming more and more popular on daywear, though, so you could probably get away with wearing these anywhere you like, and dressing them up or down as the occasion required.

What do you think of them? If you like them, head over to ASOS, where you can buy a pair for £40.


  • have to tell you guys that stuff looks nothing like the actual chainmail items i have seen…this is defintely sequined mesh fabric…i think an actual chainmail detail could look cute on a shoe if done right

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