ASOS HYSTERICAL Two Part Platform Satin Sandal with Oversized Bow

Blue platform sandals with pink rosette

Well, folks, I can ignore it no longer: every day now, I get a barrage of press releases, all helpfully informing me that Christmas will take place on December 25th, just like every year, and that I better start obsessing over it. They say if you can’t beat ’em, you may as well join ’em, and while I know I’ll probably lose interest in the hysteria by lunchtime (I’ve always felt Christmas should be restricted to December only, personally, but that’s just me…), for now I thought I’d show you a pair of shoes that look exactly like a Christmas gift. Well, OK, not exactly like one – gifts only tend to look like shoes if you’re very lucky – but the shape of the pink bow atop these ‘Hysterical’ sandals by ASOS does remind me of the type of bow found on gifts at thus time of year, and the bright colours are rather festive too.

If the blue and pink mix isn’t your thing, these are also available in black, and if bows aren’t your thing, they’re also available in a range of “sans bow” colourways, including this green glitter version:

green glitter sandalsThese cost £45 with the bow, and £40 without it: click here to take your pick at ASOS.

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