Aldo ‘Carthon’ nude peep toes with bow

I thought I’d managed to get nude peep toes out of my system after last week’s round up, but then these Aldo Carthon shoes came along, and I was once again doomed.

These are almost perfect, as far as I’m concerned: I’d have loved the colour even without the bow detail on the back, but with it they’re that little bit more special. My one reservation with these is how well they’d work with trousers: I like to wear peep toes with skinny jeans, and I have a feeling that bow might cause the legs to sit awkwardly, but I’m sure I’d learn to live with it.

If you don’t share my love of this particular shade, these shoes are also available in black, with a silver coloured bow. Click here to buy them from Aldo, where they’re £90.

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