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what to pack for vegas

So, lately I’ve noticed quite a few people have been arriving at the site looking for info on what to pack for Vegas – which is actually kind of strange, as I’ve never written about that here. I have, however, packed for Vegas twice now, and in two different seasons, so my first tip is all about the weather…

When are you going?

A lot of people think of Las Vegas as a permanently hot place, but it actually gets pretty cool in winter, so your first task is to check the weather for the dates you’ll be travelling, as you would with any other destination. We visited in late September, which meant stifling daytime temperatures, which turned cooler in the evening, although still warm enough to walk around in short sleeves. In December, meanwhile, it was cold enough for me to need a coat during the day, and a thick sweater underneath it at night: don’t be seduced into thinking it’ll always be hot!

Pack light layers, even in the summer

This might seem like crazy advice, because in the height of summer, Vegas feels like the hottest place on earth. The reason I’m advising that you bring some light layers, however? Air con. The air con in the hotels and casinos is normally set to “freeze your ass off”: I’d walk in from the Strip feeling like I was about to expire from the hear, and within a few minutes I’d be shivering with cold – I actually had goosebumps walking around some of the casinos, because it was SO COLD. I also had to bundle up in our hotel room: we could adjust the air con, but it never seemed to be warm enough for me, so if you tend to feel the cold, you’re going to want to carry a cardigan or light sweater – yes, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Which brings me to my next point.

Bring a medium/large bag that’s easy to carry

If you want to do Vegas properly, you’re probably going to spend most of your time out and about, and that means you’ll have to take anything you’ll need for the day (including that sweater) with you. Bring a bag that’s large enough to carry your daily essentials, so you don’t have to keep returning to your hotel, and make sure it’s a bag that’s easy to carry. My small cross-body bag was fine for the first hour or so, but really started to dig into my shoulder after a while – I prefer to be hands-free when I’m out exploring, but a wider strap would probably have been more comfortable. Speaking of comfort…

Fit Flop

Shoes: Spartoo

Comfortable shoes are a daytime eessential

The first time I went to Las Vegas, I imagined it would be all-glamour, all the time, and that all I’d need would be a selection of my best party dresses and skyscraper heels. If you’re going out clubbing, you’ll need that kind of stuff for evening, sure, but during the day you’re going to walk MILES. Even just walking around your hotel will involve a fair bit of walking, and if you want to see the strip, prepare for sore feet. Or don’t: pack your most comfortable shoes, and wear them during the day – save the heels for the evenings! Having said that…

Vegas isn’t a dressy town

Or not for the most part, anyway. Obviously there are plenty of clubs and bars where you’ll be able to get dressed up to the nines and not feel out of place, but as you walk around town, and go in and out of the hotels and casinos, you won’t see many people dressed up – other than the occasional bride, that is. Most people, in fact, will be dressed like tourists, and with an emphasis on comfort – shorts, tees, sneakers, etc. You don’t have to dress like that if you don’t want to, but for sightseeing and exploring, you don’t have to be too fancy.

With that said…

Vegas is a town where anything goes, (Literally, I mean: walking down Fremont street, we passed a man wearing nothing but a thong, and no one was giving him a second glance. It’s that kind of town.) which makes it a great place to experiment a little and wear whatever you want to wear, without worrying about looking out of place. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I hasten to add.) You really can’t BE out of place in Vegas, so wear what you want, and have fun – that’s why you’re there, after all!

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  • Great advice Amber. We are heading to Vegas in a couple of months and can’t wait but wasn’t sure what to pack.

    Really loving your blog but will you be posting any posts about shoes again? I really miss your stylish advice on them.

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